Cannabis Connoisseurs

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards is essentially like a monthly subscription box delivered right to your door!

But unlike other subscription boxes, you are able to customize it by choosing how much you want to spend, hand picking the products you want and need and earn points towards FREE products!

Check out this video to learn about this program, and how to guarantee you receive a FREE oil every single month!!

Monthly Order Ideas


Cannabis Oils

Each essential oil is gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been grown in their natural habitat and cultivated at the perfect time by experienced farmers, and is throughly tested to meet Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® standards. Create a Loyalty Rewards order with single essential oils or essential oil blends of your choice or a kit to give you the best of all High Priority has to offer!

The subscription box that loves you back

By signing up for the Loyalty Rewards Program, you get so many perks and benefits, including the opportunity to earn a percentage of every box order to spend on free products! People who really want to make a lasting impact on their wellness have the most success when the join the Loyalty Rewards Program because they are using the products rather than just letting them sit on the shelf. When you know you're going to have an order each month, it gives you the FREEDOM to decide if you want to explore new products or restock things you've run out of, and most importantly, make a commitment to a better lifestyle!