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October 28, 2017
Cheef Chew PURE CBD 50mg
October 30, 2017


USD 40.00

♥ 100% Organic

♥ Vegan

♥ Gluten Free

♥ Non GMO

♥ Dairy Free

♥ No Preservatives

♥ Made with 100% Natural Sweeteners

♥ Infused with 100mg Activated THC (Hybrid)

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This bar features a combination of the best super fruits so you will be feeling super healthy and happy after just one bite! This all natural super fruit bar is packed with a heavy hitting 100mgs of activated THC and contains disease fighting super foods like goji berries, organic golden berries, organic mulberries & Cacao Nibs. Other ingredients like organic dates, organic rice syrup and organic coconut sugar gives it a sweet taste that is ideal for those watching their sugar intake.

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